A taste of paradise

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01 The sweetest, colorful snack


These extremely sweet tomatoes are ideal for a healthy and fast snack for both children and adults. When in a hurry, our specially packed Bumblebee tomatoes will sweeten your lunch break, enrich any sandwich and salad, and bring a smile to every child’s face.

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02 Juicy and spicy


This star of any table is exceptionally sweet, and considered one of the finest varieties of tomato in the world. Its small clusters and vibrant red color makes it ideal for imaginative salads and culinary decorations.

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03 Fragrant cherry tomatoes


Thanks to their high sugar content, Campari are considered to be one of the tastiest and most delicious tomatoes. They have a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, giving them a juicy and rich flavor. Their divine taste makes them an essential ingredient for sauces, perfect as a raw snack, part of a fresh salad, on a sandwich, or in combination with creamy mozzarella.

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04 A perfect taste


Harmony tomatoes are a variety well adapted to a wide range of conditions in the environment, giving us an exquisite juicy flavor that is both sweet and bold. These tomatoes are medium in size, ideal for bitting whole or sliced into pieces for a salad, pizza or pasta.

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05 A Classic Delicacy


Kumato a tomato with an intense and sweet taste. Known for its color, special for its taste.

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06 All flavors, one pack

Rajska mix

The Rajska mix combines all of our splendid tomatoes in one pack, perfect for any gathering or occasion. Add a sweet taste to any business lunch or gathering of friends with our finest tomatoes: Harmony, Campari, Sunstream and Grappolo.